I’ve been quoted on A Steady Rain’s ad!!!

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yellowbrick.jpgBluebirds are singing, rainbows are dancing, the sun is dazzling, I’m traipsing down a yellow brick road strewn with hydrangeas, cashmere sweaters, Veuve Cliquot bottles, first class plane tickets to Bali and Buenos Aires, and Eric Bana’s and Ryan Gosling’s unlisted phone numbers….life is great!  Today, I got my first ever quote on a play’s ad!  Yep, it’s right there, in the ad for the critically acclaimed drama A Steady Rain, currently playing at the Royal George Theater, on page 11 of the On The Town section of the Chicago Tribune, April 4, 2008.  Right in the middle of the page.  Right after quotes from Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune (“A Must-See Smash Hit….A Sizzler!”) and Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times (“Some of the Most Dazzling Acting You Will Ever See Anywhere.”) is a quote from http://www.fromtheledge.com/(“Mind-blowingly Great!”), taken from my enthusiastic blog post.  I am both exhilarated and humbled.  When I started From the Ledge in October of last year, I never imagined that anyone outside of my close circle of friends would come to the blog and read it, or care about it, or consider it when making decisions as to which arts and culture activities they go to in Chicago.  As I said in my first post, “Curtain Up”:  Do I have something to say? Do I have a unique voice to say it in? Would people want to read the soak time thoughts of a thirtysomething single urban professional Filipino immigrant organization change consultant living in Chicago? (yes, maybe, we’ll find out soon enough).  Over the past several months, I’ve been excited to see the number and diversity of folks who find the blog (yes, I have readers from the Ukraine to Brazil); I’m still not really sure how people find me, or why they stay, or more importantly, why they keep on coming back.  But I’m thrilled.  And inspired.  And committed.  And eternally, deeply grateful.  And I’ll continue to write with passion for the things, groups, people, that I care about.  That continue to shape my artistic life.  Speaking of gratitude- I think this is the right time to thank all the folks throughout the years who’ve cajoled, begged, encouraged, threatened, beat me over the head, pushing me to get my act together and start writing, and who’ve continued to provide feedback and support:  Debra, Sydney, Camela, Andrew, Rene, divine Ms. Jennifer M, Julie, Linda B.  And of course, the biggest Thank You of all, to invaluable blog mentor and collaborator, Tom, without whom, this blog would continue to have been a figment and an aspiration.  Now, get yourselves to a play or a concert or a dance performance or an art gallery, people!

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4 Responses to “I’ve been quoted on A Steady Rain’s ad!!!”

  1. Frank Says:

    Congratulations, Francis. I just love your writing…it’s got your voice, and I can hear it when I read you. Congrats, congrats on being a featured theatre critic…well deserved. And remember, we knew you when.

  2. francis Says:

    Thanks Frank for your generous words! I am absolutely floored and tickled pink about getting quoted on “A Steady Rain” ‘s ad (which I have posted in the next blog entry) since I am a blogger, just an ordinary guy passionate for theater, and not really a reviewer or critic. But it’s a great feeling, nevertheless! And “A Steady Rain” is terrific- watch out for it when it comes to your neck of the woods. I hear an off-Broadway production is in the offing!

  3. tom sherman Says:

    Congrats. The first of many, I’m sure. :)

  4. julie Says:

    YAY! Congratulations, Francis! I LOVE reading your blog, even though I rarely get to the theater. Your passion for the arts is inspiring. :)

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