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I get really frenzied for the week and a half prior to the Oscars trying to catch up on my nominated movie-watching; keeping abreast of all the online Oscar speculations, prognostications and gossip; and of course, writing my Oscar predictions note with Cindy Margolis’ new BFF, the divine Ms. Jennifer M, whose sizzle and spark at the barricades of the Independent Spirit Awards red carpet  (see her Oscar recap below) should have made Rainn Wilson block and tackle her instead of Philip Seymour Hoffman (if you haven’t seen that video on YouTube yet, you should, it is quite ridiculous but also quite hilarious!).  However, it hasn’t been quiet on the Chicago arts and culture front.  Despite the Oscars and working on 5 client projects in my consulting job, I managed to catch a couple of plays and work it at a couple of arts benefit events during the past two weeks.

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Francis’s Oscar 2008 Recap!

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global-oscars.jpgIt was such a terrific night last night at the People’s Choice awards – Katherine Heigl, Keri Russell, The Rock, Hannah Montana, Jonah Hill- all looked dapper or gorgeous or both and seemed to be utterly enjoying themselves…what a great night…wait, it wasn’t the People’s Choice awards on Channel 7, but the Oscars?…the Oscars with those people?  Was this some surreal Stanley Kubrick-like nightmare?  Had I been punk’d like many film buffs and avid Oscar watchers?  Where were Streep, de Niro, Jodie Foster, Pacino?  Hell, where was Julia “I LOVE my life” Roberts?  Where were the real movie stars and Academy award winners???    Although I was aghast at the presenters at last night’s fete, I was breathlessly ecstatic at the winners of the acting awards, which reflected the true global nature of film and the universality of great talent.  For the first time since 1965, all four Oscar winners in the acting categories were from outside of the US.  Ok, so maybe not all of them were my personal favorites to win (except maybe for Marion Cotillard), but they are all supremely talented, performed in movies and roles that were substantial and for the most part memorable, and have given fresh, marvelous performances through the years, so who am I to quibble?   On to my Oscar recap for this year, which may pale in comparison to the dazzling LA weekend that the divine Ms. Jennifer M. recounts in her blog post below (Jen, was that you in the oversized sweatshirt and elastic headband trying to elbow out Sarah, the Oscars’ oldest bleacher fan, while she was being interviewed by Regis Philbin during the pre-show?  Damn, you and Sarah looked good!)

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Jennifer’s Oscar 2008 Recap!

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This Oscar-related post is written by guest blogger Jen.

jon-stewart-at-the-oscars.jpgHere’s a rundown of my uber-glammy weekend in the City of Angels during Oscar 2008!

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Francis’s Oscar picks: Actor/Actress, Picture

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ellen-page-juno.jpgThis wraps up my Oscar predictions for 2008.  Please check out Jennifer’s predicts in the blog post below.

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Jennifer’s Oscar picks: Actor/Actress, Picture

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This Oscar-related post is written by guest blogger Jen.

no-country-for-old-men-josh-brolin-1.jpgMore predictions here.  Also, please read Francis’s equivalent picks in the blog post following.

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Francis’s Oscar picks: Supporting Actor/Actress, Director

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tilda-swinton-michael.jpgPlease read Jennifer’s blog post below.

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